Fellowships for Non-student Presenters

The conference organizers for the WAPOR Regional Seminar in Hong Kong has a limited amount of funds to support non-students participants who want to attend and present their papers in the conference to be held on 8-10 December 2005 at the University of Hong Kong. Participants will be chosen by the conference organizers to receive the awards based on a review of the applicant's essay describing the relevance of the conference and their working position (see below), country of residence (based on the three-tier system in the WAPOR membership categories), relevance of presentation topic and a brief resume. All non-students presenters are eligible to apply.
The awardees will receive:
  • Waiver of the conference registration fee (includes reception fee, conference-related meals and conference materials);
  • Up to HK$1000 accommodation subsidy.
Applicants for the fellowships must be:
  • Working in a relevant discipline in the previous three years;
  • A presenter during the conference*;
  • Belong to Tier B or Tier C country according to the WAPOR's membership categories;
  • Conversant in English.
In the online form, you have to fill in:
  • Your personal particulars;
  • An essay with no more than 800 words describing the applicant's research/academic/occupational background and reasons for wanting to attend the WAPOR conference, focusing on the usefulness of the conference to the applicant's current work duties. A brief description of their organization and position is also required;
  • Your paper title and abstract, submission without an abstract will not be considered;
  • A brief resume of the applicant.
Applications for the fellowship program should be submitted online by clicking here. For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Kitty Chan at (+852) 2241-5572 or email to [email protected]. Application must be submitted on or before 15 October 2005. Late submission will not be considered. All submissions should be written in English.
Results will be announced on 30 October 2005 the latest. Applicants will be notified if their application is successful by email. THERE IS NO NEED TO INCLUDE THE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM IN THE APPLICATION.
* If you have not submitted your paper title, abstract or proposal to the conference, please do this together with this application; otherwise your application will not be considered.


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